Unable to access the Web server with Server Extensions when creating a Web application.

The ability to use FrontPage Server Extensions from Microsoft can be affected by many factors. If you are unable to access your application files using server extensions, the cause of the problem can range from accidentally deleting or renaming essential files to accidentally deleting access control lists (ACLs). This can result in several types of error messages.


Microsoft Personal Web Server on the Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition operating systems does not support remote FrontPage Server Extensions. If you are running one of those operating systems, you will get this error message.

To fix many design-time problems, you can use the Check Server Extensions command, which does the following:

  • Checks read permissions.

  • Checks that the Service.cnf and Service.lck files have read/write permissions.

  • Updates the Postinfo.html and _vti_inf.htm files.

  • Verifies that _vti_pvt, _vti_log, and _vti_bin are installed, and that _vti_bin is executable.

  • Determines whether roots or IIS metabase settings are correct and up to date. The IIS metabase is a facility within Internet Information Services (IIS) that stores your IIS settings. It stores settings much the same way as the Windows registry stores system settings.

  • Checks that the IUSR anonymous account does not have write access.

  • Warns you if you are running IIS on a FAT file system, which means that there is no way to secure your Web site.

To check and fix FrontPage Server Extensions

  1. Open the Start menu from the taskbar, and then open the Programs menu.

  2. Expand the Administrative Tools menu and open Internet Services Manager.

  3. In the IIS Console, right-click the server on which you want to check FrontPage Server Extensions.

  4. On the shortcut menu, expand All Tasks, and then click Check Server Extensions.

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