Could not resolve CommandLink 'ID' within 'node.' There is no definition in the policy file for a menu item with that Id. 

This project is governed by development policies defined in a policy file. The Id value given within a CommandLink must reference the Id of a Command description. Either the Id is misspelled in the CommandLink or the Command description, or the Command description is missing.

To solve this problem

  1. Close the project.

  2. Open the policy file for this project in a text editor.

  3. Search the policy file for the Id indicated in the error message.

    1. If any instance of the Id is misspelled, correct the spelling of the Id.

    2. If a description for the Command referenced is missing, add a description for this Command to the policy file.

  4. Save and close the policy file.

  5. Reopen the project.

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