BSCMAKE Command File (Response File)
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BSCMAKE Command File (Response File)

You can provide part or all of the command-line input in a command file. Specify the command file using the following syntax:

BSCMAKE @filename

Only one command file is allowed. You can specify a path with filename. Precede filename with an at sign (@). BSCMAKE does not assume an extension. You can specify additional sbrfiles on the command line after filename. The command file is a text file that contains the input to BSCMAKE in the same order as you would specify it on the command line. Separate the command-line arguments with one or more spaces, tabs, or newline characters.

The following command calls BSCMAKE using a command file:

BSCMAKE @prog1.txt

The following is a sample command file:

/n /v /o main.bsc /El
/S (
verdate.h c:\src\inc\screen.h
file1.sbr file2.sbr file3.sbr file4.sbr

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