CDialogBar Class

Provides the functionality of a Windows modeless dialog box in a control bar.

class CDialogBar : public CControlBar




Constructs a CDialogBar object.




Creates a Windows dialog bar and attaches it to the CDialogBar object.

A dialog bar resembles a dialog box in that it contains standard Windows controls that the user can tab between. Another similarity is that you create a dialog template to represent the dialog bar.

Creating and using a dialog bar is similar to creating and using a CFormView object. First, use the dialog editor to define a dialog template with the style WS_CHILD and no other style. The template must not have the style WS_VISIBLE. In your application code, call the constructor to construct the CDialogBar object, then call Create to create the dialog-bar window and attach it to the CDialogBar object.

For more information on CDialogBar, see the article Dialog Bars and Technical Note 31, Control Bars.

Note Note

In the current release, a CDialogBar object cannot host Windows Forms controls. For more information about Windows Forms controls in Visual C++, see Using a Windows Form User Control in MFC.

Header: afxext.h