This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IAxWinAmbientDispatch Interface

This interface provides methods for specifying characteristics of the hosted control or container.

interface IAxWinAmbientDispatch : IDispatch

This interface is exposed by ATL's ActiveX control hosting objects. Call the methods on this interface to set the ambient properties available to the hosted control or to specify other aspects of the container's behavior. To supplement the properties provided by IAxWinAmbientDispatch, use IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx.

AXHost will try to load type information about IAxWinAmbientDispatch and IAxWinAmbientDispatchEx from the typelib that contains the code.

If you are linking to ATL90.dll, AXHost will load the type information from the typelib in the DLL.

See Hosting ActiveX Controls Using ATL AXHost for more details.

The definition of this interface is available in a number of forms, as shown in the table below.

Definition Type




Type Library



atliface.h (also included in ATLBase.h)