This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

JScript Compiler Options Listed Alphabetically

The following compiler options are sorted alphabetically.

Option Purpose
@ (Specify Response File) Specifies a response file.
/autoref Automatically references assemblies if they have the same name as an imported namespace or as a type annotation when declaring a variable.
/codepage Specifies the code page to use for all source code files in the compilation.
/debug Emits debugging information.
/define Defines preprocessor symbols.
/fast Produces an output file optimized for speed but that does not support certain language features from previous releases.
/help, /? Lists compiler options to stdout.
/lcid Specifies code page for compiler messages.
/lib Specifies the location of assemblies referenced via /reference.
/linkresource Creates a link to a managed resource.
/nologo Suppresses compiler banner information.
/nostdlib Does not import standard library (mscorlib.dll).
/out Specifies output file name.
/print Specifies whether the print statement is available.
/reference Imports metadata from a file that contains an assembly.
/resource Embeds a managed resource in an assembly.
/target Specifies the format of the output file using one of three options:
/utf8output Displays compiler output using UTF-8 encoding.
/versionsafe Ensures that all overrides are explicit.
/warn Sets warning level.
/warnaserror Promotes warnings to errors.
/win32res Inserts a Win32 resource into the output file.

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