We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Create Strong Name Key Dialog Box

This dialog box specifies a new key file with which to sign the assembly. If you specify a password, a Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file is created; if you do not specify a password, a strongly named key (.snk) file is created.

To access this dialog box, select a project node in Solution Explorer, then on the Project menu, click Properties. When the Project Designer appears, click the Signing tab. On the Signing page, select Sign the assembly, then select <New...> from the Choose a strong name key file drop-down list.

Key file name

Specify the name of the key file to be created.

Protect my key file with a password

Select this check box to specify a password for your key file.

Enter password

Enter a password of at least 6 characters in length. The password information is stored in your computer's cryptographic storage database.

Confirm password

Reenter the characters you typed in the Enter password box to confirm.