This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Check Out on Save Dialog Box (Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Checks out solutions, projects, or individual items from source control. Use this dialog box to save a file that you have edited but have not checked out.

Dialog Box Access

On the Tools menu, select Options to display the Options dialog box. For the On Save environment variable, choose Prompt for Check out.


Exits the dialog box.

Check Out

Checks out all the selected items.


Identifies columns to display and the order in which they are displayed.


Specifies a comment to associate with the checkout operation.

Compare Versions

Opens the Visual SourceSafe Difference Options dialog box, which compares a selected file in your development environment project to any other selected file and shows you any differences.

Discard In-Memory Changes

Discards any unsaved changes for the selected items.

Flat View

Displays the items that you are checking out as flat lists under their source control connection.


Displays the names of the items available for checkout. Items appear with the check boxes next to them selected. If you do not want to check out a particular item, clear its check box.


Displays checkout options when the arrow to the right of the button is clicked.

Save As

Saves selected items in new locations, by new names, or both.


Changes the sort order of the displayed columns.

Tree View

Displays the folder and file hierarchy for the items that you are checking out.

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