This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

JScript Language Tour

Like many other programming languages, Microsoft JScript scripts or programs are written in text format. Typically, a script or program is comprised of many statements and comments. Within a statement, you can use variables, expressions, and literal data such as strings and numbers.

In This Section

JScript Arrays
Explains types of arrays and how to use them in JScript.
JScript Assignments and Equality
Explains how JScript assigns values to variables, array elements, and property elements and explains the equality syntax used by JScript.
JScript Comments
Illustrates how to use the proper JScript syntax to include comments in code.
JScript Expressions
Explains how to combine keywords, operators, variables, and literals to yield new values.
JScript Identifiers
Explains how to create valid names for identifiers in JScript.
JScript Statements
Provides an overview of the two basic units of instruction in JScript, declaration statements and executable statements.
JScript Data Types
Includes links to topics that explain how to use primitive data types, reference data types, and .NET Framework data types in JScript.
JScript Variables and Constants
Lists links to topics that explains how to declare variables and constants and how to use them to refer to objects.
JScript Objects
Provides a brief overview of objects and lists links that explain how to create and use objects in JScript.
JScript Modifiers
Explains how to use visibility modifiers, inheritance modifiers, version-safe modifiers, expando modifiers, and static modifiers.
JScript Operators
Lists the computational, logical, bitwise, assignment, and miscellaneous operators and provides links to information that explains how to use them efficiently.
JScript Functions
Describes the concept of functions and provides links to topics that explain how to use and create functions.
Coercion in JScript
Explains how the JScript compiler performs actions on values of different data types.
Copying, Passing, and Comparing Data
Explains how JScript copies, passes, and compares data when dealing with arrays, functions, objects, and so on.
JScript Conditional Structures
Describes how JScript normally handles program flow and provides links to information that explains how to regulate the flow of a program's execution.
JScript Reserved Words
Explains the concept of reserved words and lists the reserved words in JScript.
Security Considerations for JScript
Explains how to avoid common security problems in JScript .NET code.

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