This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

.NET Framework Reference Information

This topic provides links to information about working with the .NET Framework class library.

.NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio

Provides links to Visual Studio topics that support the development of features based on classes in the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework General Reference

Contains a complete set of reference topics for the .NET Framework, including the class library and ASP.NET syntax.

.NET Framework Class Library

Lists the namespaces in the .NET Framework Class Library and provides links to further information.

.NET Framework Class Library Overview

Introduces the classes, interfaces, and value types that help expedite and optimize the development process and provide access to system functionality.

Overview of the .NET Framework

Contains descriptions of key features of the .NET Framework, including the common language runtime.

.NET Framework Samples

Displays sample programs that demonstrate how to write applications and components that use the .NET Framework technologies.