XML Web Services
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XML Web Services (Visual Studio)

Web services work like components that you can call across the Web. ASP.NET allows you to create Web services. In this section, you can learn both how to create a Web service and how to use one as a component in your Web applications.

In This Section

Web References

Provides information on creating the proxy class in Visual Web Developer that represents the Web service and that you can program against.

Walkthrough: Creating and Using an ASP.NET Web Service in Visual Web Developer

Provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an ASP.NET Web service and how to call it.

How to: Add and Remove Web References

Describes how to use tools in Visual Web Developer to create a proxy class for a Web service.

How to: Call a Web Service

Describes how to write code that calls methods from a Web service.

How to: Update a Project Web Reference

Describes how to refresh a proxy class that represents a Web service in case the Web service has exposed new functionality.

How to: Rename a Project Web Reference

Describes how to create a new name to use when referencing a Web service in code.

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