This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ClickOnce Deployment 

ClickOnce deployment allows you to publish Windows-based applications to a Web server or network file share for simplified installation. Visual Studio provides full support for publishing and updating applications deployed with ClickOnce. ClickOnce deployment is available for projects created with Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J#, but not for Visual C++. For information on deploying Visual C++ applications, see ClickOnce Deployment for Visual C++ Applications.

The following topics will help you learn more about ClickOnce deployment.

In This Section

ClickOnce Deployment Overview

Provides an introduction to ClickOnce deployment technology and related concepts.

Choosing a ClickOnce Deployment Strategy

Presents several options for deploying ClickOnce applications.

Choosing a ClickOnce Update Strategy

Presents several options for updating ClickOnce applications.

ClickOnce Deployment and Security

Explains the security implications of ClickOnce deployment.

Publishing ClickOnce Applications

This section contains task topics that explain how to perform the common tasks involved in a ClickOnce deployment.

Securing ClickOnce Applications

Explains the security features of ClickOnce deployment and the role of code access security and security zones.

Signing ClickOnce Manifests

Explains how to sign application and deployment manifests.

Deploying COM Components with ClickOnce

Explains how to sign application and deployment manifests.

Building ClickOnce Applications from the Command Line

Explains how to use MSBuild to deploy applications from the command line.

Debugging ClickOnce Applications that Use System.Deployment.Application

Explains how to debug applications that implement elements of the System.Deployment.Application namespace, which provide advanced ClickOnce deployment features.

Troubleshooting ClickOnce Deployment

Provides information on troubleshooting common problems you might encounter in ClickOnce deployment.

Related Sections

Choosing a Deployment Strategy

Compares ClickOnce and Windows Installer deployment.

What's New in Deployment

Lists new features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 such as ClickOnce deployment and 64-bit application deployment.

Deploying 64-bit Applications

Provides information on how to deploy a 64-bit application using ClickOnce or Windows Installer deployment.

Adding Custom Prerequisites

Explains how to install custom prerequisites (system components not included by default in the bootstrapper).

Windows Installer Deployment

This section describes Windows Installer, the traditional deployment technology using Setup projects.

Deployment Error Messages

Descriptions of error messages related to ClickOnce and Windows Installer deployment.