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CComGITPtr Class 

This class provides methods for dealing with interface pointers and the global interface table (GIT).

template <
   class T 
class CComGITPtr



The type of the interface pointer to be stored in the GIT.

Objects that aggregate the free threaded marshaler and need to use interface pointers obtained from other objects must take extra steps to ensure that the interfaces are correctly marshaled. Typically this involves storing the interface pointers in the GIT and getting the pointer from the GIT each time it is used. The class CComGITPtr is provided to help you use interface pointers stored in the GIT.


The global interface table facility is only available on Windows 95 with DCOM version 1.1 and later, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 and later, and Windows 2000.

Header: atlbase.h

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