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OracleParameterCollection.Add Method (String, OracleType, Int32, String)

Adds an OracleParameter to the OracleParameterCollection given the parameter name, data type, column length, and source column name.

Namespace: System.Data.OracleClient
Assembly: System.Data.OracleClient (in

public OracleParameter Add (
	string parameterName,
	OracleType dataType,
	int size,
	string srcColumn
public OracleParameter Add (
	String parameterName, 
	OracleType dataType, 
	int size, 
	String srcColumn
public function Add (
	parameterName : String, 
	dataType : OracleType, 
	size : int, 
	srcColumn : String
) : OracleParameter



The name of the parameter.


One of the OracleType values.


The length of the column.


The name of the source column.

Return Value

The index of the new OracleParameter object.

The following example creates an OracleParameterCollection, adds an instance of OracleParameter to the collection, and returns a reference to the new OracleParameter.

public void CreateOracleParamColl(OracleConnection connection) 
    OracleCommand command = new OracleCommand(
        "SELECT Ename, DeptNo FROM Emp WHERE EmpNo = :pEmpNo", connection);
    OracleParameterCollection paramCollection = command.Parameters;
    OracleParameter parameter = paramCollection.Add(
        "pEmpNo", OracleType.Number, 5, "EmpNo");

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