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Help Support Changes in Visual Basic .NET

In Visual Basic 6.0, Help support was implemented on a per-project basis by specifying a Help file name in the Project Properties dialog box. Each form and control had a HelpContextID property that was used to link to a specific topic in the Help file.

In Visual Basic .NET, Help support is implemented on a per-form basis by adding one or more HelpProvider components to a form. Each form and control has HelpKeyword and HelpNavigator properties that are used to link to a specific topic. For more information, see Providing Help in a Windows Application.

Note   In Visual Basic 6.0, Help could be provided using either HTML Help or the older Windows Help format. In Visual Basic .NET, only HTML Help is supported.

In Visual Basic 6.0, pop-up Help was implemented using the WhatsThisButton and WhatsThisHelp properties of a form. The What's This button appeared if WhatsThisButton was true and either the MaxButton or MinButton property was false. Setting the WhatsThisMode property in code enabled the button.

In Visual Basic .NET, pop-up Help is implemented using the HelpButton property of a form. The Help button only appears if the HelpButton property is set to true and both the MaximizeBox and MinimizeBox properties are set to false; the button is automatically enabled. For more information, see Displaying Pop-up Help.

In Visual Basic 6.0, ToolTips were implemented using the ToolTipText property of a control. In Visual Basic .NET, ToolTips are implemented by adding a ToolTip component to a form. For more information, see ToolTip Changes in Visual Basic .NET.

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