This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Smart Compile Auto Correction

The Smart Compile Auto Correction feature suggests corrections when errors occur, allowing you to pick a solution to be applied to the code.

When an error occurs, if there is a symbol under the right side of the squiggle, resting your mouse over the squiggle or double-clicking the error message in the task list will turn the symbol into a smart tag panel. Clicking or resting your mouse pointer over the smart tag panel will open the Error Correction Options helper window, which displays a description of the error as well as a set of suggestions for fixing the error. Where appropriate, the helper window allows you to preview the fix in a separate window.

You can undo changes after they have been applied with an Undo operation (CTRL+Z).

To dismiss the Smart Compile Auto Correction helper window, click elsewhere in the editor.

This table lists and explains the elements shown in the Smart Compile Auto Correction window:



Error message

Displays the message associated with the error.

Suggested fix

Displays possible ways to fix the error. Click one to have it applied to your code.


Displays a preview of the corrected code. In situations where the fix does not affect the code, a preview will not be shown.

Expand all previews

Checking this box will expand all previews.