This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Uncomment and change the following line to return the collection enumerator

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In Visual Basic 6.0, collection classes created using the Class Builder add-in included a NewEnum property that allowed you to enumerate the collection using For...Each syntax. It was also possible to create your own collection classes and add your own enumerator property.

Collections in Visual Basic .NET support enumeration through the System.Collections.IEnumerator class; the GetEnumerator function was added to your code to replace the NewEnum property.

What to do next

  • For collections created using the Class Builder, mCol is the default name for the collection class. If you changed the default name, or if this is a collection that you created on your own, you will need to replace mCol with the name of your collection class:
    GetEnumerator = MyCollection.GetEnumerator
  • If you used the default name (mCol), uncomment the line containing the GetEnumerator assignment:
    GetEnumerator = mCol.GetEnumerator

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