XPathNodeType Enumeration

Defines the XPath node types that can be returned from the XPathNavigator class.

Namespace: System.Xml.XPath
Assembly: System.Xml (in system.xml.dll)

public enum XPathNodeType
public enum XPathNodeType
public enum XPathNodeType

 Member nameDescription
AllAny of the XPathNodeType node types. 
AttributeAn attribute, such as id='123'
CommentA comment, such as <!-- my comment --> 
ElementAn element, such as <element>
NamespaceA namespace, such as xmlns="namespace"
ProcessingInstructionA processing instruction, such as <?pi test?>. This does not include XML declarations, which are not visible to the XPathNavigator class.  
RootThe root node of the XML document or node tree. 
SignificantWhitespaceA node with white space characters and xml:space set to preserve
TextThe text content of a node. Equivalent to the Document Object Model (DOM) Text and CDATA node types. Contains at least one character. 
WhitespaceA node with only white space characters and no significant white space. White space characters are #x20, #x9, #xD, or #xA

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