This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XmlValidatingReader Properties

The XmlValidatingReader type exposes the following members.

Public property AttributeCount Gets the number of attributes on the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.AttributeCount.)
Public property BaseURI Gets the base URI of the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.BaseURI.)
Public property CanReadBinaryContent Gets a value indicating whether the XmlValidatingReader implements the binary content read methods. (Overrides XmlReader.CanReadBinaryContent.)
Public property CanReadValueChunk Gets a value indicating whether the XmlReader implements the ReadValueChunk method. (Inherited from XmlReader.)
Public property CanResolveEntity Gets a value indicating whether this reader can parse and resolve entities. (Overrides XmlReader.CanResolveEntity.)
Public property Depth Gets the depth of the current node in the XML document. (Overrides XmlReader.Depth.)
Public property Encoding Gets the encoding attribute for the document.
Public property EntityHandling Gets or sets a value that specifies how the reader handles entities.
Public property EOF Gets a value indicating whether the reader is positioned at the end of the stream. (Overrides XmlReader.EOF.)
Public property HasAttributes Gets a value indicating whether the current node has any attributes. (Inherited from XmlReader.)
Public property HasValue Gets a value indicating whether the current node can have a Value other than String.Empty. (Overrides XmlReader.HasValue.)
Public property IsDefault Gets a value indicating whether the current node is an attribute that was generated from the default value defined in the document type definition (DTD) or schema. (Overrides XmlReader.IsDefault.)
Public property IsEmptyElement Gets a value indicating whether the current node is an empty element (for example, <MyElement/>). (Overrides XmlReader.IsEmptyElement.)
Public property Item Overloaded.
Public property LineNumber Gets the current line number.
Public property LinePosition Gets the current line position.
Public property LocalName Gets the local name of the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.LocalName.)
Public property Name Gets the qualified name of the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.Name.)
Public property Namespaces Gets or sets a value indicating whether to do namespace support.
Public property NamespaceURI Gets the namespace Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) (as defined in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Namespace specification) of the node on which the reader is positioned. (Overrides XmlReader.NamespaceURI.)
Public property NameTable Gets the XmlNameTable associated with this implementation. (Overrides XmlReader.NameTable.)
Public property NodeType Gets the type of the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.NodeType.)
Public property Prefix Gets the namespace prefix associated with the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.Prefix.)
Public property QuoteChar Gets the quotation mark character used to enclose the value of an attribute node. (Overrides XmlReader.QuoteChar.)
Public property Reader Gets the XmlReader used to construct this XmlValidatingReader.
Public property ReadState Gets the state of the reader. (Overrides XmlReader.ReadState.)
Public property SchemaInfo Gets the schema information that has been assigned to the current node as a result of schema validation. (Inherited from XmlReader.)
Public property Schemas Gets a XmlSchemaCollection to use for validation.
Public property SchemaType Gets a schema type object.
Public property Settings Gets the XmlReaderSettings object that was used to create this XmlValidatingReader instance. (Overrides XmlReader.Settings.)
Public property ValidationType Gets or sets a value indicating the type of validation to perform.
Public property Value Gets the text value of the current node. (Overrides XmlReader.Value.)
Public property ValueType Gets The Common Language Runtime (CLR) type for the current node. (Inherited from XmlReader.)
Public property XmlLang Gets the current xml:lang scope. (Overrides XmlReader.XmlLang.)
Public property XmlResolver Sets the XmlResolver used for resolving external document type definition (DTD) and schema location references. The XmlResolver is also used to handle any import or include elements found in XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas.
Public property XmlSpace Gets the current xml:space scope. (Overrides XmlReader.XmlSpace.)