XmlNode::InnerXml Property


Gets or sets the markup representing only the child nodes of this node.

Namespace:   System.Xml
Assembly:  System.Xml (in System.Xml.dll)

property String^ InnerXml {
	virtual String^ get();
	virtual void set(String^ value);

Property Value

Type: System::String^

The markup of the child nodes of this node.


InnerXml does not return default attributes.

Exception Condition

Setting this property on a node that cannot have child nodes.


The XML specified when setting this property is not well-formed.

Attempting to set this property from a node that cannot have child nodes, for example a Text node, throws an exception. Otherwise, setting InnerXml replaces the child nodes, of the node, with the parsed contents of the given string. The parsing is done in the current namespace context.

This property is a Microsoft extension to the Document Object Model (DOM).


InnerXml is not an efficient way to modify the DOM. There may be performance issues when replacing complex nodes. It is more efficient to construct nodes and use methods such as InsertBefore, InsertAfter, AppendChild, and RemoveChild to modify the Xml document.

The following example compares the InnerText and InnerXml properties.

#using <System.Xml.dll>

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Xml;
int main()
   XmlDocument^ doc = gcnew XmlDocument;
   doc->LoadXml( "<root>"
   "<elem>some text<child/>more text</elem>"
   "</root>" );
   XmlNode^ elem = doc->DocumentElement->FirstChild;

   // Note that InnerText does not include the markup.
   Console::WriteLine( "Display the InnerText of the element..." );
   Console::WriteLine( elem->InnerText );

   // InnerXml includes the markup of the element.
   Console::WriteLine( "Display the InnerXml of the element..." );
   Console::WriteLine( elem->InnerXml );

   // Set InnerText to a string that includes markup.  
   // The markup is escaped.
   elem->InnerText = "Text containing <markup/> will have char(<) and char(>) escaped.";
   Console::WriteLine( elem->OuterXml );

   // Set InnerXml to a string that includes markup.  
   // The markup is not escaped.
   elem->InnerXml = "Text containing <markup/>.";
   Console::WriteLine( elem->OuterXml );

Universal Windows Platform
Available since 10
.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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