XmlDeclaration.CloneNode Method

Creates a duplicate of this node.

Namespace: System.Xml
Assembly: System.Xml (in system.xml.dll)

public override XmlNode CloneNode (
	bool deep
public XmlNode CloneNode (
	boolean deep
public override function CloneNode (
	deep : boolean
) : XmlNode
Not applicable.



true to recursively clone the subtree under the specified node; false to clone only the node itself. Because XmlDeclaration nodes do not have children, the cloned node always includes the data value, regardless of the parameter setting.

Return Value

The cloned node.

CloneNode serves as a copy constructor for nodes. To see how this method behaves with other node types, see XmlNode.CloneNode.

The cloned node has no parent (ParentNode returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic)).

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