IXmlSerializable.GetSchema Method

This property is reserved, apply the XmlSchemaProviderAttribute to the class instead.

Namespace: System.Xml.Serialization
Assembly: System.Xml (in system.xml.dll)

XmlSchema GetSchema ()
XmlSchema GetSchema ()
function GetSchema () : XmlSchema

Return Value

An XmlSchema that describes the XML representation of the object that is produced by the WriteXml method and consumed by the ReadXml method.

When serializing or deserializing an object, the XmlSerializer class does not do XML validation. For this purpose, it is safe to provide a trivial implementation of this method, for example by returning a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

This method is called by the WebServiceUtil.exe utility when generating a proxy for your class to be consumed by a Web service client. For this purpose, it is essential that the method return an accurate XML schema that describes the XML representation of your object generated by the WriteXml method.

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