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XName.Namespace Property


Gets the namespace part of the fully qualified name.

Namespace:   System.Xml.Linq
Assembly:  System.Xml.Linq (in System.Xml.Linq.dll)

Public ReadOnly Property Namespace As XNamespace

Property Value

Type: System.Xml.Linq.XNamespace

An XNamespace that contains the namespace part of the name.

The Namespace property is guaranteed to not be null. If an XName is in no namespace, this property returns None.

The following example shows the use of this property.

                Imports <xmlns="">

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim root As XElement = <Root/>
    End Sub
End Module

This example produces the following output:


Universal Windows Platform
Available since 8
.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
Portable Class Library
Supported in: portable .NET platforms
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
Windows Phone
Available since 8.1
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