XamlReader.Namespace Property

.NET Framework (current version)

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When implemented in a derived class, gets the XAML namespace information from the current node.

Namespace:   System.Xaml
Assembly:  System.Xaml (in System.Xaml.dll)

public abstract NamespaceDeclaration Namespace { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Xaml.NamespaceDeclaration

The XAML namespace information, if it is available; otherwise, null.

The intended design of this API is to return a non-null result only if the NodeType of the current node is NamespaceDeclaration. The property does not report the XAML namespace that applies to objects or members in a general scoping sense, as interpreted under a XAML schema context. Your application must provide a means to cache information for the acting XAML namespace as it traverses XAML nodes, if you need that information in a manner other than how the XAML schema context reports it to a writer. SeeNamespace for notes on the reference implementation.

.NET Framework
Available since 4.0
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