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XamlTypeName.ParseList Method (String, IXamlNamespaceResolver)

.NET Framework (current version)

Provides a XamlTypeName value based on a string that can specify multiple type names, and an object that can resolve a markup prefix into a namespace.

Namespace:   System.Xaml.Schema
Assembly:  System.Xaml (in System.Xaml.dll)

public static IList<XamlTypeName> ParseList(
	string typeNameList,
	IXamlNamespaceResolver namespaceResolver


Type: System.String

A string that contains multiple types. See Remarks.

Type: System.Xaml.IXamlNamespaceResolver

An object or service provider that implements IXamlNamespaceResolver.

Exception Condition

typeNameList or namespaceResolver is null.


String cannot be parsed.

The following is quasi-BNF for the nested type name or multiple type name parsing enabled by this method:

NestedTypeName = Name | Name '+' NestedTypeName
TypeName = NestedTypeName | NestedTypeName ‘[]’
XamlTypeName = Prefix ‘:’ TypeName TypeArgs  | TypeName TypeArgs
TypeArgs = empty | ‘(‘ XamlTypeNameList ‘)’
XamlTypeNameList = XamlTypeName XamlTypeNameList1
XamlTypeNameList1 = empty | ‘,’ XamlTypeNameList

.NET Framework
Available since 4.0
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