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System.Xaml.Schema Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Contains types that support extensibility of the XAML type system.

  Class Description
Public class XamlMemberInvoker Provides an extension point that can access member characteristics of a XAML member through techniques other than reflection.
Public class XamlTypeInvoker Provides an extension point that can construct instances of a XAML type through techniques other than reflection and constructors.
Public class XamlTypeName Provides a means to specify a XAML type in terms of name and namespace.
Public class XamlTypeTypeConverter Converts a XamlType object to and from a string that represents the type name. This functionality is used for XAML extensibility by markup definitions, via PropertyDefinition.
Public class XamlValueConverter<TConverterBase> Provides a common API surface for techniques that generate initialization or serialization values for XAML based on input other than the eventual destination type. This includes markup extensions and type converters.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AllowedMemberLocations Specifies the syntax restrictions enforced on a property when it is set in XAML, as reported by a XamlDirective.
Public enumeration ShouldSerializeResult Defines serialization behavior as reported by a XamlMemberInvoker.
Public enumeration XamlCollectionKind Describes the collection metaphor (if any) used by a XAML member.
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