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System.Xaml Namespace

Provides types that relate to XAML readers and XAML writers. This includes the default implementations of .NET Framework XAML Services and its XAML readers and XAML writers. Also contains types relevant to the XAML type system and other support types related to XAML and .NET Framework XAML Services concepts.

  Class Description
Public class AmbientPropertyValue Reports information about an ambient property, as part of an IAmbientProvider implementation.
Public class AttachableMemberIdentifier Provides a XAML type system identifier representation for attachable members. The identifier structure parallels the declaringType.memberName string form for attachable member usage.
Public class AttachablePropertyServices Provides static helper methods that obtain values and accessor method information from an attachable property and that work with an attached property store.
Public class NamespaceDeclaration Declares the identifier and the prefix of a XAML namespace by storing these string values as separate properties.
Public class XamlBackgroundReader Implements a double-buffered XamlReader that can split reading and writing to different threads.
Public class XamlDeferringLoader Represents a XAML reader behavior that loads and returns deferred content.
Public class XamlDirective Provides the XAML type system identifier for a member if the member is also a XAML directive. XAML readers and XAML writers use the XamlDirective identifier during processing of member nodes. The identifier is used when the XAML reader is positioned on a StartMember and IsDirective is true.
Public class XamlDuplicateMemberException The exception that is thrown when a XAML writer attempts to write a value for a duplicate member into the same object node.
Public class XamlException The exception that is thrown for a general XAML reader or XAML writer exception. See Remarks.
Public class XamlInternalException The exception that is thrown for internal inconsistencies that occur during XAML reading and XAML writing.
Public class XamlLanguage Defines constants that provide strings or objects that are useful for XAML markup or for programming with XAML types. These strings or objects are relevant to XAML language concepts, to the implementation of XAML language concepts in .NET Framework XAML Services, or to both.
Public class XamlMember Provides the XAML type system identifier for members of XAML types. The identifier is used by XAML readers and XAML writers during processing of member nodes (when the XAML reader is positioned on a StartMember) and also for general XAML type system logic.
Public class XamlNodeList Provides a list of XAML nodes, which can be used for scenarios such as writing XAML nodes in a deferred manner.
Public class XamlNodeQueue Provides a buffer for writing nodes and reading them again.
Public class XamlObjectEventArgs Provides data for callbacks that can be inserted in the sequence for object initialization and property setting. This influences the object graph that is produced by XamlObjectWriter.
Public class XamlObjectReader Provides a XamlReader implementation that reads object graphs and generates a XAML node stream.
Public class XamlObjectReaderException The exception that is thrown by several XamlObjectReader internal helper APIs.
Public class XamlObjectReaderSettings Specifies processing rules or option settings for a XamlObjectReader.
Public class XamlObjectWriter Creates an object graph from a source XAML node stream.
Public class XamlObjectWriterException The exception that is thrown when a XAML writer (such as the XamlObjectWriter class) encounters an error while attempting to produce object graphs from a XAML node stream.
Public class XamlObjectWriterSettings Provides specific XAML writer settings for XamlObjectWriter.
Public class XamlParseException The exception that is thrown when a XAML reader cannot process elements of the XAML reader source into a XAML node stream.
Public class XamlReader Provides base definitions for classes that consume XAML input and produce XAML node streams.
Public class XamlReaderSettings Specifies processing rules or option settings for a XamlReader implementation.
Public class XamlSchemaContext Defines a reusable context for interpreting or mapping XAML types, and the types in the assemblies that underlie them.
Public class XamlSchemaContextSettings Provides optional settings for a XamlSchemaContext.
Public class XamlSchemaException The exception that is thrown when a binding system or another schema representation system for XAML reports an exception to the schema context.
Public class XamlServices Provides higher-level services (static methods) for the common XAML tasks of reading XAML and writing an object graph; or reading an object graph and writing XAML file output for serialization purposes.
Public class XamlType Reports information about XAML types as part of the overall XAML system that is implemented in .NET Framework XAML Services.
Public class XamlWriter Provides default implementation and base class definitions for a XAML writer. This is not a working default XAML writer; you must either derive from XamlWriter and implement its abstract members, or use an existing XamlWriter derived class.
Public class XamlWriterSettings Provides initialization settings for a XamlWriter implementation.
Public class XamlXmlReader Processes XAML markup from XML files by using an XmlReader intermediary, and produces a XAML node stream.
Public class XamlXmlReaderSettings Specifies processing rules or option settings for the XamlXmlReader XAML reader implementation.
Public class XamlXmlWriter Uses a TextWriter or XmlWriter support class to write a XAML node stream to a text or markup serialized form.
Public class XamlXmlWriterException The exception that is thrown by certain XamlXmlWriter APIs.
Public class XamlXmlWriterSettings Provides initialization settings for the XamlXmlWriter XAML writer implementation.

  Interface Description
Public interface IAmbientProvider Represents a service that can return information items about ambient properties or ambient types to type converters and markup extensions.
Public interface IAttachedPropertyStore Represents an attachable member store for an object where attachable members are set. This attachable member store can then be referenced with AttachablePropertyServices.
Public interface IDestinationTypeProvider Represents a service that can return a CLR type system identifier for the destination type. The destination type is relevant when the destination type for a property-setting operation is indirectly reported by reflection or other mechanisms.
Public interface INamespacePrefixLookup Represents a service that can return the recommended prefix for a XAML namespace mapping to consumers. Consumers might include design environments or serializers.
Public interface IRootObjectProvider Describes a service that can return the root object of markup being parsed.
Public interface IXamlIndexingReader Provides a service that represents indexed node control for a simple implementation of a node-based XAML reader.
Public interface IXamlLineInfo Describes a service for reporting text line information in XAML reader implementations.
Public interface IXamlLineInfoConsumer Describes a service where a XAML writer can use reported line information and then include the information in the output.
Public interface IXamlNameProvider Provides a service that is used during save and write operations to input an object and return a XAML name.
Public interface IXamlNameResolver Describes a service that can return objects that are specified by XAML name, or alternatively, returns a token that defers name resolution. The service can also return an enumerable set of all named objects that are in the XAML namescope.
Public interface IXamlNamespaceResolver Describes a service that can return a XAML namespace that is based on its prefix as it is mapped in XAML markup.
Public interface IXamlObjectWriterFactory Represents a service that generates a XamlObjectWriter that is based on the current internal parser context.
Public interface IXamlSchemaContextProvider Represents a service that provides XAML schema context information to type converters and markup extensions.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration XamlNodeType Describes the type of the node that is currently being processed by a XAML reader.
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