TrackingWorkflowEvent Enumeration

Specifies a type of workflow status event.

Namespace: System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking
Assembly: System.Workflow.Runtime (in system.workflow.runtime.dll)

public enum TrackingWorkflowEvent
/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
public enum TrackingWorkflowEvent
public enum TrackingWorkflowEvent

 Member nameDescription
AbortedThe workflow instance has aborted. 
ChangedA workflow change has occurred on the workflow instance. 
CompletedThe workflow instance has completed. 
CreatedThe workflow instance has been created. 
ExceptionAn unhandled exception has occurred. 
IdleThe workflow instance is idle. 
LoadedThe workflow instance has been loaded into memory. 
PersistedThe workflow instance has been persisted. 
ResumedA previously suspended workflow instance has resumed running. 
StartedThe workflow instance has been started. 
SuspendedThe workflow instance has been suspended. 
TerminatedThe workflow instance has been terminated. 
UnloadedThe workflow instance has been unloaded from memory. 

A workflow instance can pass through several states during the course of its execution. For example, a workflow instance may become idle, or it may be suspended. Every time the workflow instance changes state, it emits a workflow status event to the runtime tracking infrastructure. TrackingWorkflowEvent enumerates the possible types of workflow status event.

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