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TrackingProfileSerializer Class

Provides methods to serialize and deserialize tracking profiles into and from XML documents by using the tracking profile XML schema definition (XSD).

Namespace:  System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking
Assembly:  System.Workflow.Runtime (in System.Workflow.Runtime.dll)

public class TrackingProfileSerializer

The TrackingProfileSerializer uses the tracking profile XSD contained in TrackingProfileSerializer.Schema to serialize TrackingProfile objects into valid XML documents and to deserialize valid XML documents into TrackingProfile objects. The TrackingProfileSerializer performs validation during both serialization and deserialization and, if necessary, throws an appropriate exception.

An XML document provides a convenient format in which to store a tracking profile. It also provides a non-programmatic way of authoring tracking profiles. The out-of-box SqlTrackingService uses a TrackingProfileSerializer to serialize and deserialize the tracking profiles that are stored in its database.

The following code example demonstrates how you can create a TrackingProfileSerializer using the TrackingProfileSerializer constructor to serialize a TrackingProfile. The code also uses the Serialize method.

This code example is part of the Query using SQLTrackingService SDK sample from the Program.cs file. For more information, see Query Using SQLTrackingService.

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