ActivityTrackPoint.MatchingLocations Property

Gets the collection of locations that should be included in matching for the track point by the runtime tracking infrastructure.

Namespace: System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking
Assembly: System.Workflow.Runtime (in system.workflow.runtime.dll)

public ActivityTrackingLocationCollection MatchingLocations { get; }
/** @property */
public ActivityTrackingLocationCollection get_MatchingLocations ()

public function get MatchingLocations () : ActivityTrackingLocationCollection

Not applicable.

Property Value

An ActivityTrackingLocationCollection that specifies the locations to be matched for the track point. The default is an empty collection.

If MatchingLocations is empty, the track point cannot be matched by the runtime tracking infrastructure. You must add at least one ActivityTrackingLocation to MatchingLocations for the ActivityTrackPoint to participate in matching.

The track point will be matched if any ActivityTrackingLocation in MatchingLocations is matched by the runtime tracking infrastructure and no ActivityTrackingLocation in ExcludedLocations is matched.

The following example demonstrates accessing the MatchingLocations property. This example is from the TrackingProfileDesigner SDK sample. For more information, see Tracking Profile Designer Sample.

/// <summary>
/// Saves a tracking condition for an activity
/// </summary>
/// <param name="activity"></param>
/// <param name="key"></param>
/// <param name="member"></param>
/// <param name="op"></param>
/// <param name="value"></param>
internal void SaveTrackingCondition(Activity activity, ref ActivityTrackingCondition key, string member, ComparisonOperator op, string value)
    ActivityTrackPoint trackPoint = GetTrackPointForActivity(activity);
    if (trackPoint != null)
        if (key == null)
            key = new ActivityTrackingCondition();
        key.Member = member;
        key.Value = value;
        key.Operator = op;

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