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System.Workflow.Runtime Namespace

Provides classes related to workflow runtime.

  Class Description
Public class CorrelationProperty Obsolete. Represents a name and value pair used to correlate messages to specific receiving activities.
Public class CorrelationToken Obsolete. Manages the subscriptions of the CorrelationProperty to the owner activities. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class CorrelationTokenCollection Obsolete. Represents a collection of CorrelationToken classes. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class CorrelationTokenEventArgs Obsolete. Contains the event data associated with the CorrelationToken. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ServicesExceptionNotHandledEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for the WorkflowRuntime.ServicesExceptionNotHandled event.
Public class TimerEventSubscription Obsolete. Represents a subscription to a timer event.
Public class TimerEventSubscriptionCollection Obsolete. Represents an ordered list of TimerEventSubscription objects.
Public class WorkflowCompletedEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for the WorkflowCompleted event.
Public class WorkflowEnvironment Obsolete. Represents the transactional environment of the workflow instance that is running on the current thread.
Public class WorkflowEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for workflow events.
Public class WorkflowInstance Obsolete. Represents a workflow instance.
Public class WorkflowOwnershipException Obsolete. The exception that is thrown when the workflow runtime engine attempts to load a workflow instance that is currently loaded by another workflow runtime engine instance. Additionally, this exception is thrown when the workflow runtime engine attempts to save a workflow after the ownership timeout that was specified while loading the workflow has expired.
Public class WorkflowQueue Obsolete. Represents a workflow queue.
Public class WorkflowQueueInfo Obsolete. Contains information about a WorkflowQueue.
Public class WorkflowQueuingService Obsolete. Provides the services for management of WorkflowQueue objects.
Public class WorkflowRuntime Obsolete. Represents the configurable execution environment provided by the workflow run-time engine for workflows.
Public class WorkflowRuntimeEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for the WorkflowRuntime.Started and WorkflowRuntime.Stopped events.
Public class WorkflowSuspendedEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for the WorkflowRuntime.WorkflowSuspended event.
Public class WorkflowTerminatedEventArgs Obsolete. Provides data for the WorkflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated event.

  Interface Description
Public interface IPendingWork Obsolete. Provides methods to participate in a work batch.
Public interface IWorkBatch Obsolete. Provides methods to add work to a work batch.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration WorkflowStatus Obsolete. Specifies the status of a workflow instance.
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