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FaultHandlerActivity Properties

  Name Description
Public property Activities  Gets the object representing the collection, ActivityCollection, of all child activities. (inherited from CompositeActivity)
Public property Description  Gets or sets the user defined description of the Activity. (inherited from Activity)
Public property Enabled  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this instance is enabled for execution, and validation. (inherited from Activity)
Public property EnabledActivities  Gets the Read-Only Collection that represents the subset of Activities that are enabled. (inherited from CompositeActivity)
Public property ExecutionResult  Gets the ActivityExecutionResult of the last attempt to run this instance. (inherited from Activity)
Public property ExecutionStatus  Gets the current ActivityExecutionStatus of this instance. (inherited from Activity)
Public property Fault Gets the Exception that is being handled by this FaultHandlerActivity.
Public property FaultType Gets and sets the Type of the exceptions to be handled by the FaultHandlerActivity. Exceptions of type derived from the type specified in FaultType will also be handled.
Public property IsDynamicActivity  Gets information on whether or not the activity is executing within the default ActivityExecutionContext of the workflow instance. (inherited from Activity)
Public property Name  Gets or sets the name of this instance. (inherited from Activity)
Public property Parent  Gets the CompositeActivity that contains this Activity. (inherited from Activity)
Public property QualifiedName  Gets the qualified name of the activity. Qualified activity names are always unique in a workflow instance. (inherited from Activity)
Public property Site  Gets or sets a reference to the Site component of the DependencyObject. (inherited from DependencyObject)
Public property UserData  Gets an IDictionary that associates custom data with this class instance. (inherited from DependencyObject)

  Name Description
Explicit interface implementation Property System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.ITypeFilterProvider.FilterDescription Gets the filter description associated with this instance.

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