This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WorkflowDesignerLoader Constructor

When implemented in a derived class, initializes a new instance of the WorkflowDesignerLoader class.

Namespace:  System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design
Assembly:  System.Workflow.ComponentModel (in System.Workflow.ComponentModel.dll)

protected WorkflowDesignerLoader()

The following example demonstrates how to create a new instance of a WorkflowDesignerLoader object. In this case, the WorkflowLoader class is derived from WorkflowDesignerLoader. When the WorkflowDesignerLoader is created, a DesignSurface is also created and associated with the WorkflowDesignerLoader using the BeginLoad method.

private ICollection LoadWorkflow(Type workflowType)
    WorkflowLoader loader = new WorkflowLoader();
    loader.WorkflowType = workflowType;

    return LoadWorkflow(loader);

private ICollection LoadWorkflow(WorkflowLoader loader)

    DesignSurface designSurface = new DesignSurface();
    if (designSurface.LoadErrors.Count > 0)
        return designSurface.LoadErrors;

    IDesignerHost designerHost = designSurface.GetService(typeof(IDesignerHost)) as IDesignerHost;
    if (designerHost != null && designerHost.RootComponent != null)
        IRootDesigner rootDesigner = designerHost.GetDesigner(designerHost.RootComponent) as IRootDesigner;
        if (rootDesigner != null)

            this.designSurface = designSurface;
            this.loader = loader;
            this.workflowView = rootDesigner.GetView(ViewTechnology.Default) as WorkflowView;
            this.workflowView.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
            this.workflowView.TabIndex = 1;
            this.workflowView.TabStop = true;
            this.workflowView.HScrollBar.TabStop = false;
            this.workflowView.VScrollBar.TabStop = false;
            this.workflowView.ShadowDepth = 0;
            this.workflowView.EnableFitToScreen = true;

            ISelectionService selectionService = GetService(typeof(ISelectionService)) as ISelectionService;
            IComponentChangeService changeService = GetService(typeof(IComponentChangeService)) as IComponentChangeService;

            if (selectionService != null)
                selectionService.SelectionChanged += new EventHandler(OnSelectionChanged);

            if (changeService != null)
                changeService.ComponentAdded += new ComponentEventHandler(changeService_ComponentAdded);
                changeService.ComponentChanged += new ComponentChangedEventHandler(changeService_ComponentChanged);
                changeService.ComponentRemoved += new ComponentEventHandler(changeService_ComponentRemoved);
                changeService.ComponentRename += new ComponentRenameEventHandler(changeService_ComponentRename);


    if (btnAutoSynch.Checked == true)
        this.xomlView.Text = GetCurrentXoml();

    return null;

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