This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IExtendedUIService Methods

The IExtendedUIService type exposes the following members.

Public method AddAssemblyReference Instructs the workflow designer host to add an assembly reference for the current project to access.
Public method AddDesignerActions Adds an array of designer actions to the list of available user actions in the workflow designer host.
Public method AddWebReference Adds a reference to a Web resource to a project in a workflow designer.
Public method GetProxyClassForUrl Returns the type of the proxy class associated with the specified universal resource locator (URL).
Public method GetSelectedPropertyContext Provides contextual information about the current component.
Public method GetUrlForProxyClass Returns the universal resource locator (URL) for the Web resource associated with the specified proxy class.
Public method GetXsdProjectItemsInfo Returns the types that are generated for the XSD schema that is added to the workflow project.
Public method NavigateToProperty Navigates to the specified property in the property browser of the workflow designer host.
Public method RemoveDesignerActions Deletes all designer actions in the task list associated with the workflow designer host.
Public method ShowToolsOptions Displays the tools options associated with the workflow designer host.