System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design Namespace

Public classActivityBindTypeConverterProvides a type converter to convert ActivityBind classes to and from various other representations.
Public classActivityChangedEventArgsContains information about changes made to the activity associated with the designer.
Public classActivityDesignerProvides a mandatory base class for all activity designer components.
Public classActivityDesignerAccessibleObject 
Public classActivityDesignerGlyphCollection 
Public classActivityDesignerLayoutEventArgs 
Public classActivityDesignerLayoutSerializer 
Public classActivityDesignerPaintProvides static methods used to draw user interface elements on activity designer surfaces. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classActivityDesignerPaintEventArgsProvides data for the ActivityDesigner.OnPaint, ConnectionPoint.OnPaint, Connector.OnPaint, and DesignerGlyph.OnPaint methods and any overridden versions of OnPaint in classes that derive from them, when they are drawn on a workflow design surface.
Public classActivityDesignerResizeEventArgs 
Public classActivityDesignerThemeProvides the look and feel property settings to a designer in a design-time environment.
Public classActivityDesignerThemeAttribute 
Public classActivityDesignerVerb 
Public classActivityDesignerVerbCollection 
Public classActivityDragEventArgsRepresents a class that provides data for the OnDragDrop, OnDragEnter, and OnDragOver events in the workflow designer.
Public classActivityPreviewDesigner 
Public classActivityPreviewDesignerThemeProvides theme settings for activity designers that use a preview mode on the workflow design surface. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classActivityToolboxItem 
Public classAmbientTheme 
Public classBindUITypeEditorRepresents a UITypeEditor that is associated with the properties that are bound, or can be bound, on an activity.
Public classCommentGlyphProvides a glyph for an ActivityDesigner to display when a user disables an activity at design time.
Public classCompositeActivityDesigner 
Public classCompositeActivityDesignerLayoutSerializer 
Public classCompositeDesignerAccessibleObject 
Public classCompositeDesignerThemeProvides theme settings to CompositeActivityDesigner objects.
Public classConfigErrorGlyph 
Public classConnectionPoint 
Public classConnectorRepresents a connector between two activity designers on a workflow design surface.
Public classConnectorAccessibleObject 
Public classConnectorEventArgsProvides data for the System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.FreeFormActivityDesigner.ConnectorAdded, System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.FreeFormActivityDesigner.ConnectorRemoved, and FreeformActivityDesigner.ConnectorChanged events.
Public classConnectorHitTestInfo 
Public classConnectorLayoutSerializerSerializes a connector layout.
Public classDesignerAction 
Public classDesignerGlyph 
Public classDesignerTheme 
Public classDesignerViewServes as a repository for information about the views supported by the CompositeActivityDesigner or classes that inherit from it.
Public classFreeformActivityDesignerProvides a customizable activity designer surface for users to visually modify on a workflow design surface.
Public classFreeformActivityDesignerLayoutSerializer 
Public classHitTestInfo 
Public classLockedActivityGlyph 
Public classParallelActivityDesigner 
Public classReadOnlyActivityGlyph 
Public classSelectionGlyphProvides methods and properties for all glyph classes that an ActivityDesigner displays when it is selected on the workflow design surface.
Public classSequenceDesigner 
Public classSequenceDesignerAccessibleObject 
Public classSequentialActivityDesignerDefines properties and methods for all activity designers that have a sequential vertical layout on the workflow design surface.
Public classSequentialWorkflowHeaderFooter 
Public classSequentialWorkflowRootDesigner 
Public classShadowGlyphProvides a drop shadow for display by CompositeActivityDesigner classes.
Public classStructuredCompositeActivityDesignerProvides common methods and properties for composite activity designers that contain structured layouts.
Public classThemeConfigurationDialog 
Public classTypeBrowserDialogRepresents a dialog box that allows the user to choose a type. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classTypeBrowserEditorProvides a user interface for representing and editing the values the Windows Workflow Foundation types in an object browser associated with a workflow designer.
Public classTypeFilterProviderAttributeSpecifies the class a type or member uses to filter the types that are displayed in the class browser dialog box. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWorkflowDesignerLoaderProvides common designer loader functionality that can be used to implement custom workflow designer loaders.
Public classWorkflowDesignerMessageFilterProvides a base class for all workflow message filters.
Public classWorkflowMenuCommandsDefines a set of CommandID fields that each corresponds to a command function provided by the workflow designers. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWorkflowOutline 
Public classWorkflowOutlineNode 
Public classWorkflowPageSetupDialog 
Public classWorkflowThemeProvides the look and feel property settings to a workflow in design-time environment.
Public classWorkflowViewProvides a design surface, which renders a visual representation of process flow.
Public classWorkflowViewAccessibleObject 

Public interfaceIDesignerGlyphProviderDefines the method that glyph provider classes use to generate an array of glyphs to display on an activity designer.
Public interfaceIDesignerGlyphProviderServiceAllows activity designer developers to add custom glyph providers to an activity designer.
Public interfaceIDesignerVerbProviderDefines a means for an ActivityDesigner to return its designer verbs.
Public interfaceIDesignerVerbProviderService 
Public interfaceIExtendedUIServiceDefines the methods that workflow designer hosts can call to perform advanced UI operations.
Public interfaceIIdentifierCreationServiceProvides a mechanism to create uniquely named identifiers throughout a specified range of activities.
Public interfaceIMemberCreationService 
Public interfaceIPersistUIStateDefines methods that workflow designers and activity designers use to save UI state information to and restore UI state information from a binary stream.
Public interfaceITypeFilterProvider 
Public interfaceITypeProviderCreator 
Public interfaceIWorkflowRootDesigner 

Public delegateConnectorEventHandler 

Public enumerationAmbientProperty 
Public enumerationDesignerContentAlignment 
Public enumerationDesignerEdgesSpecifies the edge or edges of an activity designer on a workflow design surface where design-time processing is performed, such as a Connector location on the activity designer.
Public enumerationDesignerGeometrySpecifies the shape used by activity designers to render the corners of their design surface.
Public enumerationDesignerNavigationDirection 
Public enumerationDesignerSize 
Public enumerationDesignerVerbGroup 
Public enumerationHitTestLocationsDescribes the area of the designer that contains the point passed to a HitTest method.
Public enumerationLineAnchorDetermines the shapes of connector points on a workflow design surface.
Public enumerationTextQuality 
Public enumerationThemeTypeSpecifies the type of theme displayed in the Options dialog box.