StateMachineWorkflowActivity.PreviousStateName Property

Gets the name of the previously executed StateActivity.

Namespace: System.Workflow.Activities
Assembly: System.Workflow.Activities (in system.workflow.activities.dll)

public string PreviousStateName { get; }
/** @property */
public String get_PreviousStateName ()

public function get PreviousStateName () : String

Not applicable.

Property Value

The name of the previous StateActivity.

The PreviousStateName property only returns the name of the previous state when accessed from within the workflow, for example, from a code handler in a CodeActivity. The property does not work from host-side code because the host only has access to a copy of the workflow definition, never to the live instance tree.

For information on determining the previous state from the host side, see the StateHistory property of the StateMachineWorkflowInstance class.

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