System.Workflow.Activities Namespace

Defines activities that can be added to workflows to create and run an executable representation of a work process.

Public classActiveDirectoryRoleRepresents an Active Directory role in a Windows Workflow Foundation hosting environment. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classActiveDirectoryRoleFactory 
Public classCallExternalMethodActivityDefines a workflow communication activity that is used to call a method on a local service. This activity is used to send data from the workflow to the host through the local service.
Public classCallExternalMethodActivityValidatorVerifies that the CallExternalMethodActivity class is configured correctly.
Public classCodeActivityRuns the code-beside method associated with an activity. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classCodeCondition 
Public classCompensatableSequenceActivity 
Public classConditionalEventArgsReturns result information for the CodeCondition class. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classConditionedActivityGroupProvides the definition of a constraint-based execution context for a set of child activities.
Public classCorrelationAliasAttributeOverrides the correlation parameter value when the correlation value must be obtained from a parameter other than that indicated by the CorrelationParameterAttribute. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classCorrelationInitializerAttribute 
Public classCorrelationParameterAttribute 
Public classDelayActivityProvides the logic to establish a timer and to wait, asynchronously, for timer's expiration. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classEventDeliveryFailedException 
Public classEventDrivenActivity 
Public classEventHandlersActivity 
Public classEventHandlingScopeActivityEnables event handling with the execution of the child activities. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classEventQueueNameRepresents the name of a queue associated with an event on a WorkflowInstance. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classExternalDataEventArgsRepresents the data sent along when an event is raised using the HandleExternalEventActivity activity.
Public classExternalDataExchangeAttributeMarks an interface as a local service interface. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classExternalDataExchangeService 
Public classExternalDataExchangeServiceSectionRepresents a configuration section that allows you to specify, in a configuration file, a set of services to be added to an instance of ExternalDataExchangeService.
Public classHandleExternalEventActivity 
Public classHandleExternalEventActivityValidatorVerifies that the HandleExternalEventActivity class is configured correctly.
Public classIfElseActivity 
Public classIfElseBranchActivity 
Public classInvokeWebServiceActivity 
Public classInvokeWebServiceEventArgs 
Public classInvokeWorkflowActivity 
Public classListenActivityMakes the workflow wait for any one of several possible events before the activity proceeds. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMessageEventSubscriptionCreates a message event subscription to route messages to the appropriate workflow instance.
Public classParallelActivity 
Public classPolicyActivityRepresents a collection of Rule class instances to be run as part of a workflow's execution as a single step/activity.
Public classReplicatorActivityRuns multiple instances of a child activity.
Public classReplicatorChildEventArgs 
Public classSequenceActivityRuns a set of child activities according to a single defined ordering.
Public classSequentialWorkflowActivity 
Public classSetStateActivity 
Public classSetStateEventArgsRepresents a class that is used as an argument to set the state of a StateMachineWorkflowActivity.
Public classStateActivityRepresents a state in a StateMachineWorkflowActivity.
Public classStateActivityValidator 
Public classStateFinalizationActivity 
Public classStateInitializationActivity 
Public classStateMachineWorkflowActivityServes as the root container for state machine workflows. Contains event-driven activities and states.
Public classStateMachineWorkflowInstance 
Public classWebServiceFaultActivity 
Public classWebServiceInputActivity 
Public classWebServiceOutputActivity 
Public classWebWorkflowRoleRepresents a Workflow role that is backed by a RoleProvider.
Public classWhileActivity 
Public classWorkflowAuthorizationException 
Public classWorkflowRoleThe abstract base class from which workflow roles are derived.
Public classWorkflowRoleCollectionRepresents a collection of WorkflowRole objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWorkflowSubscriptionService 
Public classWorkflowWebServiceRepresents the base class for all workflow Web services.

Public interfaceIEventActivityProvides methods and properties that event driven activities must derive from, to be able to subscribe to events.

Public enumerationExecutionTypeSpecifies the execution mode for activities.