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XpsDocumentWriter.WritingPrintTicketRequired Event

Occurs just before a Write or WriteAsync method adds a PrintTicket to a document or print queue.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Xps
Assembly:  System.Printing (in System.Printing.dll)

public override event WritingPrintTicketRequiredEventHandler WritingPrintTicketRequired

WritingPrintTicketRequired enables an event handler to substitute a new PrintTicket for the one that is passed to the write operation.

The following four Write and WriteAsync methods do not call the WritingPrintTicketRequired event:

The following example shows how to use the WritingPrintTicketRequired event.

// ---------------- PrintMultipleFixedContentDocuments ---------------- 
/// <summary> 
///   Prints the content of a multiple fixed document sequence.</summary> 
/// <param name="pq">
///   The print queue to print to.</param> 
/// <param name="async">
///   true to print asynchronously; false to print synchronously.</param> 
public void PrintMultipleFixedContentDocuments(PrintQueue pq, bool async)
    // Create a multiple document FixedDocumentSequence.
    FixedDocumentSequence fds =

    // Create a document writer to print to.
    XpsDocumentWriter xdwPrint = GetPrintXpsDocumentWriter(pq);

    // Set the event handler for creating print tickets for 
    // each document within the fixed document sequence.
    xdwPrint.WritingPrintTicketRequired +=
        new WritingPrintTicketRequiredEventHandler(
    _firstDocumentPrintTicket = 0;

    // Print either asynchronously or synchronously. 
    if (async)
        PrintMultipleFixedContentDocumentsAsync(xdwPrint, fds);
        PrintMultipleFixedContentDocuments(xdwPrint, fds);
}// end:PrintMultipleFixedContentDocuments()

For the complete sample, see Printing an XPS Document.

The event handler is created in the following example.

// ----- MultipleFixedContentDocuments_WritingPrintTicketRequired ----- 
/// <summary> 
///   Creates a PrintTicket event handler for 
///   printing a FixedDocumentSequence.</summary> 
private void MultipleFixedContentDocuments_WritingPrintTicketRequired(
                Object sender, WritingPrintTicketRequiredEventArgs e)
    if (e.CurrentPrintTicketLevel ==
        // Create a PrintTicket for the FixedDocumentSequence. Any 
        // PrintTicket setting specified at the FixedDocumentSequence 
        // level will be inherited by lower level (i.e. FixedDocument or 
        // FixedPage) unless there exists lower level PrintTicket that 
        // sets the setting differently, in which case the lower level 
        // PrintTicket setting will override the higher level setting.
        PrintTicket ptFDS = new PrintTicket();
        ptFDS.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Portrait;
        ptFDS.Duplexing = Duplexing.TwoSidedLongEdge;
        e.CurrentPrintTicket = ptFDS;

    else if (e.CurrentPrintTicketLevel ==
        // Use different PrintTickets for different FixedDocuments.
        PrintTicket ptFD = new PrintTicket();

        if (_firstDocumentPrintTicket <= 1)
        {   // Print the first document in black/white and in portrait 
            // orientation.  Since the PrintTicket at the 
            // FixedDocumentSequence level already specifies portrait 
            // orientation, this FixedDocument can just inherit that 
            // setting without having to set it again.
            ptFD.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Portrait;
            ptFD.OutputColor = OutputColor.Monochrome;

        else // if (_firstDocumentPrintTicket > 1)
        {   // Print the second document in color and in landscape 
            // orientation.  Since the PrintTicket at the 
            // FixedDocumentSequence level already specifies portrait 
            // orientation, this FixedDocument needs to set its 
            // PrintTicket with landscape orientation in order to 
            // override the higher level setting.
            ptFD.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Landscape;
            ptFD.OutputColor = OutputColor.Color;

        e.CurrentPrintTicket = ptFD;
    }// end:else if (CurrentPrintTicketLevel==FixedDocumentPrintTicket) 

    // Even though we don't show code for specifying PrintTicket for 
    // the FixedPage level, the same inheritance-override logic applies 
    // to FixedPage as well.

}// end:MultipleFixedContentDocuments_WritingPrintTicketRequired()

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003

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.NET Framework

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