IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter Interface

IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter Interface


Defines methods and properties for writing a FixedDocumentSequence.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Xps.Packaging
Assembly:  ReachFramework (in ReachFramework.dll)

public interface IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter


Sets a PrintTicket for the FixedDocumentSequence that is being written.


Gets the URI of the FixedDocumentSequence that is being written.

The following example shows how to use the AddFixedDocumentSequence method in order to obtain a FixedDocumentSequence writer for adding FixedDocument content to an XpsDocument.

// ------------------------- AddPackageContent ----------------------------
/// <summary>
///   Adds a predefined set of content to a given XPS document.</summary>
/// <param name="xpsDocument">
///   The package to add the document content to.</param>
/// <param name="attachPrintTicket">
///   true to include a PrintTicket with the
///   document; otherwise, false.</param>
void AddPackageContent (XpsDocument^ xpsDocument, bool attachPrintTicket) 
      PrintTicket^ printTicket = GetPrintTicketFromPrinter();
      // PrintTicket is null, there is no need to attach one.
      if (printTicket == nullptr)
         attachPrintTicket = false;
      // Add a FixedDocumentSequence at the Package root
      IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter^ documentSequenceWriter = xpsDocument->AddFixedDocumentSequence();

      // Add the 1st FixedDocument to the FixedDocumentSequence. - - - - -
      IXpsFixedDocumentWriter^ fixedDocumentWriter = documentSequenceWriter->AddFixedDocument();


      // Commit the 1st Document

      // Add a 2nd FixedDocument to the FixedDocumentSequence. - - - - - -
      fixedDocumentWriter = documentSequenceWriter->AddFixedDocument();

      // Add content to the 2nd document.

      // If attaching PrintTickets, attach one at the FixedDocument level.
      if (attachPrintTicket)
         fixedDocumentWriter->PrintTicket = printTicket;
      // Commit the 2nd document.

      // If attaching PrintTickets, attach one at
      // the package FixedDocumentSequence level.
      if (attachPrintTicket)
         documentSequenceWriter->PrintTicket = printTicket;
      // Commit the FixedDocumentSequence
   } catch (XpsPackagingException^ xpsException)
      throw xpsException;

};// end:AddPackageContent()

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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