This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter Interface

Defines methods and properties for writing a FixedDocumentSequence.

Namespace: System.Windows.Xps.Packaging
Assembly: ReachFramework (in reachframework.dll)

public interface class IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter
public interface IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter
public interface IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter
Interfaces cannot be used directly in XAML; see types that implement this interface.

The following example shows how to use the AddFixedDocumentSequence method in order to obtain a FixedDocumentSequence writer for adding FixedDocument content to an XpsDocument. For the complete sample, see Creating an XPS Document Sample.

// ------------------------- AddPackageContent ----------------------------
/// <summary>
///   Adds a predefined set of content to a given XPS document.</summary>
/// <param name="xpsDocument">
///   The package to add the document content to.</param>
/// <param name="attachPrintTicket">
///   true to include a PrintTicket with the
///   document; otherwise, false.</param>
void AddPackageContent (XpsDocument^ xpsDocument, bool attachPrintTicket) 
      PrintTicket^ printTicket = GetPrintTicketFromPrinter();
      // PrintTicket is null, there is no need to attach one.
      if (printTicket == nullptr)
         attachPrintTicket = false;
      // Add a FixedDocumentSequence at the Package root
      IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter^ documentSequenceWriter = xpsDocument->AddFixedDocumentSequence();

      // Add the 1st FixedDocument to the FixedDocumentSequence. - - - - -
      IXpsFixedDocumentWriter^ fixedDocumentWriter = documentSequenceWriter->AddFixedDocument();


      // Commit the 1st Document

      // Add a 2nd FixedDocument to the FixedDocumentSequence. - - - - - -
      fixedDocumentWriter = documentSequenceWriter->AddFixedDocument();

      // Add content to the 2nd document.

      // If attaching PrintTickets, attach one at the FixedDocument level.
      if (attachPrintTicket)
         fixedDocumentWriter->PrintTicket = printTicket;
      // Commit the 2nd document.

      // If attaching PrintTickets, attach one at
      // the package FixedDocumentSequence level.
      if (attachPrintTicket)
         documentSequenceWriter->PrintTicket = printTicket;
      // Commit the FixedDocumentSequence
   } catch (XpsPackagingException^ xpsException)
      throw xpsException;

};// end:AddPackageContent()

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