This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Threading Namespace

Contains types to support the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) threading system.

Public classDispatcherProvides services for managing the queue of work items for a thread.
Public classDispatcherEventArgsProvides event data for Dispatcher related events.
Public classDispatcherExtensionsProvides a set of static methods that extend the Dispatcher class.
Public classDispatcherFrameRepresents an execution loop in the Dispatcher.
Public classDispatcherHookEventArgsProvides event data for DispatcherHooks events.
Public classDispatcherHooksProvides additional event information about Dispatcher processing.
Public classDispatcherObjectRepresents an object that is associated with a Dispatcher.
Public classDispatcherOperationRepresents an object that is used to interact with an operation that has been posted to the Dispatcher queue.
Public classDispatcherSynchronizationContextProvides a synchronization context for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Public classDispatcherTimerA timer that is integrated into the Dispatcher queue which is processed at a specified interval of time and at a specified priority.
Public classDispatcherUnhandledExceptionEventArgsProvides data for the Dispatcher UnhandledException event.
Public classDispatcherUnhandledExceptionFilterEventArgsProvides data for the Dispatcher UnhandledExceptionFilter event.

Public structureDispatcherProcessingDisabledRepresents the Dispatcher when it is in a disable state and provides a means to re-enable dispatcher processing.

Public delegateDispatcherHookEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle DispatcherHooks related events.
Public delegateDispatcherOperationCallbackRepresents a delegate to use for dispatcher operations.
Public delegateDispatcherUnhandledExceptionEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UnhandledException event.
Public delegateDispatcherUnhandledExceptionFilterEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UnhandledExceptionFilter event.

Public enumerationDispatcherOperationStatusDescribes the possible values for the status of a DispatcherOperation.
Public enumerationDispatcherPriorityDescribes the priorities at which operations can be invoked by way of the Dispatcher.