This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Shell Namespace

Contains types that provide managed code access to the enhanced functionality of the Windows 7 taskbar.

The Windows 7 taskbar provides enhanced functionality that enables you to use the taskbar button to communicate status to a user and expose common tasks when the window is minimized or hidden. The functionality exposed by the types in the System.Windows.Shell namespace is not available in versions of Windows prior to Windows 7. In Windows 7, some functionality might not be available depending on the user's settings. 

Public classJumpItemRepresents the base class for the JumpPath and JumpTask classes.
Public classJumpItemsRejectedEventArgsProvides data for the JumpItemsRejected event.
Public classJumpItemsRemovedEventArgsProvides data for the JumpItemsRemovedByUser event.
Public classJumpListRepresents a list of items and tasks displayed as a menu on a Windows 7 taskbar button.
Public classJumpPathRepresents a link to a file that is displayed in a Windows 7 taskbar Jump List.
Public classJumpTaskRepresents a shortcut to an application in the Windows 7 taskbar Jump List.
Public classTaskbarItemInfoRepresents information about how the taskbar thumbnail is displayed.
Public classThumbButtonInfoRepresents information about how to display a button in the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail.
Public classThumbButtonInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of ThumbButtonInfo objects that are associated with a Window.

Public enumerationJumpItemRejectionReasonDescribes why a JumpItem could not be added to the Jump List by the Windows shell.
Public enumerationTaskbarItemProgressStateSpecifies the state of the progress indicator in the Windows taskbar.