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System.Windows.Shapes Namespace

Provides access to a library of basic shapes that can be used in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) or code. Also includes the Path class, which can load path data to describe a compound geometry either through an object model or an inline format.

  Class Description
Public class Ellipse Draws an ellipse.
Public class Line Draws a straight line between two points.
Public class Path Draws a series of connected lines and curves. The line and curve dimensions are declared through the Data property, and can be specified either with a Path-specific mini-language, or with an object model.
Public class Polygon Draws a polygon, which is a connected series of lines that form a closed shape.
Public class Polyline Draws a series of connected straight lines.
Public class Rectangle Draws a rectangle shape, which can have a stroke and a fill.
Public class Shape Provides a base class for shape elements, such as Ellipse, Polygon, and Rectangle.

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