This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

NavigationService Events

The NavigationService type exposes the following members.

Public event FragmentNavigation Occurs when navigation to a content fragment begins, which occurs immediately, if the desired fragment is in the current content, or after the source XAML content has been loaded, if the desired fragment is in different content.
Public event LoadCompleted Occurs when content that was navigated to has been loaded, parsed, and has begun rendering.
Public event Navigated Occurs when the content that is being navigated to has been found, and is available from the Content property, although it may not have completed loading.
Public event Navigating Occurs when a new navigation is requested.
Public event NavigationFailed Occurs when an error occurs while navigating to the requested content.
Public event NavigationProgress Occurs periodically during a download to provide navigation progress information.
Public event NavigationStopped Occurs when the StopLoading method is called, or when a new navigation is requested while a current navigation is in progress.