NavigationEventArgs Members

Event arguments for non-cancelable navigation events, including LoadCompleted, Navigated, and NavigationStopped.

The following tables list the members exposed by the NavigationEventArgs type.

  Name Description
Public property Content Gets a reference to the root node of the target page's content.
Public property ExtraData Gets an optional user-defined data object.
Public property IsNavigationInitiator Indicates whether this navigator is initiating the navigation or whether a parent navigator is being navigated (e.g., the current navigator is a frame inside a page thats being navigated to inside a parent navigator). A developer can use this property to determine whether to spin the globe on a Navigating event or to stop spinning the globe on a LoadCompleted event. If this property is False, the navigators parent navigator is also navigating and the globe is already spinning. If this property is True, the navigation was initiated inside the current frame and the developer should spin the globe (or stop spinning the globe, depending on which event is being handled.)
Public property Navigator The navigator that raised this event
Public property Uri Gets the target page's uniform resource identifier (URI).
Public property WebResponse Exposes the web response to allow access to HTTP headers and other properties.

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