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PixelFormat Structure

Defines a pixel format for images and pixel-based surfaces.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Media
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

<SerializableAttribute> _
<TypeConverterAttribute(GetType(PixelFormatConverter))> _
Public Structure PixelFormat _
	Implements IEquatable(Of PixelFormat)
Dim instance As PixelFormat
<object property="pixelFormat"/>

XAML Values


One of the predefined pixel formats defined by the PixelFormats class.

The following example shows how to create a PixelFormat and find the value of its properties.

        Public Function createPixelFormat() As PixelFormat
            ' Create a PixelFormat object. 
            Dim myPixelFormat As New PixelFormat()

            ' Make this PixelFormat a Gray32Float pixel format.
            myPixelFormat = PixelFormats.Gray32Float

            ' Get the number of bits-per-pixel for this format. Because 
            ' the format is "Gray32Float", the float value returned will be 32. 
            Dim bpp As Integer = myPixelFormat.BitsPerPixel

            ' Get the collection of masks associated with this format. 
            Dim myChannelMaskCollection As IList(Of PixelFormatChannelMask) = (myPixelFormat.Masks)

            ' Capture the mask info in a string. 
            Dim stringOfValues As String = " " 
            Dim myMask As PixelFormatChannelMask
            For Each myMask In myChannelMaskCollection
                Dim myBytesCollection As IList(Of Byte) = myMask.Mask
                Dim myByte As Byte
                For Each myByte In myBytesCollection
                    stringOfValues = stringOfValues + myByte.ToString()
                Next myByte
            Next myMask

            ' Return the PixelFormat which, for example, could be  
            ' used to set the pixel format of a bitmap by using it to set 
            ' the DestinationFormat of a FormatConvertedBitmap. 
            Return myPixelFormat

        End Function 'createPixelFormat
    End Class 'PixelFormatsExample 
End Namespace 'ImagingSnippetGallery

More Code

How to: Convert an Image to Greyscale This example shows how to convert an image to grayscale using FormatConvertedBitmap.

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