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System.Windows.Media.Imaging Namespace

Provides types that are used to encode and decode bitmap images.

Public classBitmapCodecInfoProvides information about an imaging codec.
Public classBitmapDecoderRepresents a container for bitmap frames. Each bitmap frame is a BitmapSource. This abstract class provides a base set of functionality for all derived decoder objects.
Public classBitmapEncoderEncodes a collection of BitmapFrame objects to an image stream.
Public classBitmapFrameRepresents image data returned by a decoder and accepted by encoders.
Public classBitmapImageProvides a specialized BitmapSource that is optimized for loading images using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).
Public classBitmapMetadataProvides support for reading and writing metadata to and from a bitmap image.
Public classBitmapMetadataBlobProvides a placeholder for metadata items that cannot be converted from C# to an underlying data type that persists metadata. The blob is converted into an array of bytes to preserve the content.
Public classBitmapPaletteDefines the available color palette for a supported image type.
Public classBitmapPalettesDefines several color palettes that are commonly used by bitmap images.
Public classBitmapSizeOptionsDefines size-related attributes of a cached bitmap image. A bitmap is scaled based on values that are defined by this class.
Public classBitmapSourceRepresents a single, constant set of pixels at a certain size and resolution.
Public classBmpBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for bitmap (BMP) encoded images. 
Public classBmpBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode bitmap (BMP) format images.
Public classCachedBitmapProvides caching functionality for a BitmapSource.
Public classColorConvertedBitmapChanges the color space of a BitmapSource.
Public classCroppedBitmapCrops a BitmapSource.
Public classDownloadProgressEventArgsProvides data for the BitmapSource.DownloadProgress and BitmapDecoder.DownloadProgress events.
Public classFormatConvertedBitmapProvides pixel format conversion functionality for a BitmapSource.
Public classGifBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) encoded images.
Public classGifBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images.
Public classIconBitmapDecoderDefines a specialized decoder for icon (.ico) encoded images.
Public classInPlaceBitmapMetadataWriterEnables in-place updates to existing blocks of BitmapMetadata.
Public classJpegBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Joint Photographics Experts Group (JPEG) encoded images. 
Public classJpegBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Joint Photographics Experts Group (JPEG) format images.
Public classLateBoundBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder that requires delayed bitmap creation such as asynchronous image downloads.
Public classPngBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) encoded images. 
Public classPngBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format images.
Public classRenderTargetBitmapConverts a Visual object into a bitmap.
Public classTiffBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) encoded images.
Public classTiffBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) format images.
Public classTransformedBitmapScales and rotates a BitmapSource.
Public classWmpBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Microsoft Windows Media Photo encoded images. 
Public classWmpBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Microsoft Windows Media Photo images.
Public classWriteableBitmapProvides a BitmapSource that can be written to and updated.

Public enumerationBitmapCacheOptionSpecifies how a bitmap image takes advantage of memory caching.
Public enumerationBitmapCreateOptionsSpecifies initialization options for bitmap images.
Public enumerationPngInterlaceOptionSpecifies whether a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format image is interlaced during encoding.
Public enumerationRotationSpecifies the rotation to apply to a bitmap image.
Public enumerationTiffCompressOptionSpecifies the possible compression schemes for Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap images.

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