This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Media.Imaging Namespace

Provides types that are used to encode and decode bitmap images.

Public classBitmapCodecInfoProvides information about an imaging codec.
Public classBitmapDecoderRepresents a container for bitmap frames. Each bitmap frame is a BitmapSource. This abstract class provides a base set of functionality for all derived decoder objects.
Public classBitmapEncoderEncodes a collection of BitmapFrame objects to an image stream.
Public classBitmapFrameRepresents image data returned by a decoder and accepted by encoders.
Public classBitmapImageProvides a specialized BitmapSource that is optimized for loading images using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).
Public classBitmapMetadataProvides support for reading and writing metadata to and from a bitmap image.
Public classBitmapMetadataBlobProvides a placeholder for metadata items that cannot be converted from C# to an underlying data type that persists metadata. The blob is converted into an array of bytes to preserve the content.
Public classBitmapPaletteDefines the available color palette for a supported image type.
Public classBitmapPalettesDefines several color palettes that are commonly used by bitmap images.
Public classBitmapSizeOptionsDefines size-related attributes of a cached bitmap image. A bitmap is scaled based on values that are defined by this class.
Public classBitmapSourceRepresents a single, constant set of pixels at a certain size and resolution.
Public classBmpBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for bitmap (BMP) encoded images. 
Public classBmpBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode bitmap (BMP) format images.
Public classCachedBitmapProvides caching functionality for a BitmapSource.
Public classColorConvertedBitmapChanges the color space of a BitmapSource.
Public classCroppedBitmapCrops a BitmapSource.
Public classDownloadProgressEventArgsProvides data for the BitmapSource.DownloadProgress and BitmapDecoder.DownloadProgress events.
Public classFormatConvertedBitmapProvides pixel format conversion functionality for a BitmapSource.
Public classGifBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) encoded images.
Public classGifBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images.
Public classIconBitmapDecoderDefines a specialized decoder for icon (.ico) encoded images.
Public classInPlaceBitmapMetadataWriterEnables in-place updates to existing blocks of BitmapMetadata.
Public classJpegBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Joint Photographics Experts Group (JPEG) encoded images. 
Public classJpegBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Joint Photographics Experts Group (JPEG) format images.
Public classLateBoundBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder that requires delayed bitmap creation such as asynchronous image downloads.
Public classPngBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) encoded images. 
Public classPngBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format images.
Public classRenderTargetBitmapConverts a Visual object into a bitmap.
Public classTiffBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) encoded images.
Public classTiffBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) format images.
Public classTransformedBitmapScales and rotates a BitmapSource.
Public classWmpBitmapDecoderDefines a decoder for Microsoft Windows Media Photo encoded images. 
Public classWmpBitmapEncoderDefines an encoder that is used to encode Microsoft Windows Media Photo images.
Public classWriteableBitmapProvides a BitmapSource that can be written to and updated.

Public enumerationBitmapCacheOptionSpecifies how a bitmap image takes advantage of memory caching.
Public enumerationBitmapCreateOptionsSpecifies initialization options for bitmap images.
Public enumerationPngInterlaceOptionSpecifies whether a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format image is interlaced during encoding.
Public enumerationRotationSpecifies the rotation to apply to a bitmap image.
Public enumerationTiffCompressOptionSpecifies the possible compression schemes for Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap images.