FontFamilyValueSerializer.ConvertToString Method (Object, IValueSerializerContext)


Converts an instance of FontFamily to a String.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Media
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

public override string ConvertToString(
	object value,
	IValueSerializerContext context


Type: System.Object

Instance of FontFamily to evaluate for conversion.

Type: System.Windows.Markup.IValueSerializerContext

Context information used for conversion.

Return Value

Type: System.String

A String representation of the supplied FontFamily object.

Exception Condition

Occurs when value is null or equal to Empty.

Conversion is possible only if value is a FontFamily type. In addition, the Source property for value cannot be null, which identifies value as an anonymous FontFamily.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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