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System.Windows.Media.Effects Namespace

Defines objects that can be used to apply visual effects to bitmap images.

Public classBevelBitmapEffectCreates a bevel which raises the surface of the image according to a specified curve.
Public classBitmapEffectDefines a bitmap effect. Derived classes define effects that can be applied to a Visual object, such as a Button or an Image.
Public classBitmapEffectCollectionRepresents a collection of BitmapEffect objects. This collection is used as part of a BitmapEffectGroup to apply multiple bitmap effects to visual content.
Public classBitmapEffectGroupRepresents a group of BitmapEffect objects that is used to apply multiple effects to a visible object.
Public classBitmapEffectInputApplies the BitmapEffect given in the BitmapEffect property to a specified region of the visual object.
Public classBlurBitmapEffectSimulates looking at an object through an out-of-focus lens.
Public classDropShadowBitmapEffectApplies a shadow behind a visual object at a slight offset. The offset is determined by mimicking a casting shadow from an imaginary light source.
Public classEmbossBitmapEffectCreates a bump mapping of the visual object to give the impression of depth and texture from an artificial light source.
Public classOuterGlowBitmapEffectCreates a halo of color around objects or areas of color.

Public structureBitmapEffectCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates BitmapEffect objects in a BitmapEffectCollection.

Public enumerationEdgeProfileSpecifies the type of curve to apply to the edge of a bitmap.
Public enumerationKernelTypeDescribes the kernel used to create the effect.

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