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System.Windows.Media Namespace

Provides types that enable integration of rich media, including drawings, text, and audio/video content in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

  Class Description
Public class AdornerHitTestResult Represents data returned from calling the AdornerHitTest method.
Public class ArcSegment Represents an elliptical arc between two points.
Public class BezierSegment Represents a cubic Bezier curve drawn between two points.
Public class BitmapCache Creates and caches a bitmap representation of a UIElement.
Public class BitmapCacheBrush Paints an area with cached content.
Public class Brush Defines objects used to paint graphical objects. Classes that derive from Brush describe how the area is painted.
Public class BrushConverter Used to convert a Brush object to or from another object type.
Public class Brushes Implements a set of predefined SolidColorBrush objects.
Public class CacheMode Provides a base implementation for caching a UIElement.
Public class CacheModeConverter Converts a CacheMode from one data type to another.
Public class CharacterMetrics Represents the metrics used to lay out a character in a device font.
Public class CharacterMetricsDictionary Represents a dictionary of CharacterMetrics objects for a device font that is indexed by Unicode scalar values.
Public class ColorContext Represents the International Color Consortium (ICC) or Image Color Management (ICM) color profile that is associated with a bitmap image.
Public class ColorConverter Converts instances of other types to and from an instance of Color.
Public class Colors Implements a set of predefined colors.
Public class CombinedGeometry Represents a 2-D geometric shape defined by the combination of two Geometry objects.
Public class CompositionTarget Represents the display surface of your application.
Public class ContainerVisual Manages a collection of Visual objects.
Public class DashStyle Represents the sequence of dashes and gaps that will be applied by a Pen.
Public class DashStyles Implements a set of predefined DashStyle objects.
Public class DisableDpiAwarenessAttribute Allows WPF applications to disable dots per inch (dpi) awareness for all user interface elements.
Public class DoubleCollection Represents an ordered collection of Double values.
Public class DoubleCollectionConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a DoubleCollection.
Public class Drawing Abstract class that describes a 2-D drawing. This class cannot be inherited by your code.
Public class DrawingBrush Paints an area with a Drawing, which can include shapes, text, video, images, or other drawings.
Public class DrawingCollection Represents an ordered collection of Drawing objects.
Public class DrawingContext Describes visual content using draw, push, and pop commands.
Public class DrawingGroup Represents a collection of drawings that can be operated upon as a single drawing.
Public class DrawingImage An ImageSource that uses a Drawing for content.
Public class DrawingVisual DrawingVisual is a visual object that can be used to render vector graphics on the screen. The content is persisted by the system.
Public class EllipseGeometry Represents the geometry of a circle or ellipse.
Public class ExceptionEventArgs Provides error exception data for media events.
Public class FamilyTypeface Specifies the details of a single typeface supported by a FontFamily.
Public class FamilyTypefaceCollection Represents a collection of FamilyTypeface instances.
Public class FontEmbeddingManager Provides functionality for physical and composite font embedding.
Public class FontFamily Represents a family of related fonts.
Public class FontFamilyConverter Converts instances of the String type to and from FontFamily instances.
Public class FontFamilyMap Defines which FontFamily to use for a specified set of Unicode code points and a culture-specific language.
Public class FontFamilyMapCollection Represents an ordered collection of FontFamilyMap objects.
Public class FontFamilyValueSerializer Converts instances of String to and from instances of FontFamily.
Public class Fonts Provides enumeration support for FontFamily and Typeface objects.
Public class FormattedText Provides low-level control for drawing text in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
Public class GeneralTransform Provides generalized transformation support for objects, such as points and rectangles. This is an abstract class.
Public class GeneralTransformCollection Represents an ordered collection of GeneralTransform objects.
Public class GeneralTransformGroup Represents a GeneralTransform that is a composite of the transforms in its GeneralTransformCollection.
Public class Geometry Classes that derive from this abstract base class define geometric shapes. Geometry objects can be used for clipping, hit-testing, and rendering 2-D graphic data.
Public class GeometryCollection Represents a collection of Geometry objects.
Public class GeometryConverter Converts instances of other types to and from instances of Geometry.
Public class GeometryDrawing Draws a Geometry using the specified Brush and Pen.
Public class GeometryGroup Represents a composite geometry, composed of other Geometry objects.
Public class GeometryHitTestParameters Specifies a Geometry as the parameter to be used for hit testing a visual tree.
Public class GeometryHitTestResult Returns the results of a hit test that uses a Geometry as a hit test parameter.
Public class GlyphRun Represents a sequence of glyphs from a single face of a single font at a single size, and with a single rendering style.
Public class GlyphRunDrawing Represents a Drawing object that renders a GlyphRun.
Public class GlyphTypeface Specifies a physical font face that corresponds to a font file on the disk.
Public class GradientBrush An abstract class that describes a gradient, composed of gradient stops. Classes that inherit from GradientBrush describe different ways of interpreting gradient stops.
Public class GradientStop Describes the location and color of a transition point in a gradient.
Public class GradientStopCollection Represents a collection of GradientStop objects that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class GuidelineSet Represents a collection of guide lines that can assist in adjusting rendered figures to a device pixel grid.
Public class HitTestParameters Defines parameters for hit testing. Classes derived from this common base class that can be used for practical hit testing include PointHitTestParameters and GeometryHitTestParameters.
Public class HitTestResult Provides the base class for several derived classes that represents the return value from a hit test.
Public class HostVisual Represents a Visual object that can be connected anywhere to a parent visual tree.
Public class ImageBrush Paints an area with an image.
Public class ImageDrawing Draws an image within a region defined by a Rect.
Public class ImageMetadata Defines a base class for all metadata operations on imaging related APIs. This is an abstract class.
Public class ImageSource Represents a object type that has a width, height, and ImageMetadata such as a BitmapSource and a DrawingImage. This is an abstract class.
Public class ImageSourceConverter Converts a ImageSource to and from other data types.
Public class ImageSourceValueSerializer Converts instances of String to and from instances of ImageSource.
Public class Int32Collection Represents a collection of Int32 values.
Public class Int32CollectionConverter Converts an Int32Collection to and from other data types.
Public class InvalidWmpVersionException The exception that is thrown when the installed Microsoft Windows Media Player version is not supported. 
Public class LanguageSpecificStringDictionary Represents a dictionary of strings that are used to represent the name of an object in different languages.
Public class LinearGradientBrush Paints an area with a linear gradient.
Public class LineGeometry Represents the geometry of a line.
Public class LineSegment Creates a line between two points in a PathFigure.
Public class MatrixConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Matrix.
Public class MatrixTransform Creates an arbitrary affine matrix transformation that is used to manipulate objects or coordinate systems in a 2-D plane. 
Public class MediaClock Maintains the timing state for media through a MediaTimeline.
Public class MediaPlayer Provides media playback for drawings.
Public class MediaScriptCommandEventArgs Provides data for the ScriptCommand and ScriptCommand events.
Public class MediaTimeline Provides a Timeline for media content.
Public class NumberSubstitution Specifies how numbers in text are displayed in different cultures.
Public class PathFigure Represents a subsection of a geometry, a single connected series of two-dimensional geometric segments.
Public class PathFigureCollection Represents a collection of PathFigure objects that collectively make up the geometry of a PathGeometry.
Public class PathFigureCollectionConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a PathFigureCollection.
Public class PathGeometry Represents a complex shape that may be composed of arcs, curves, ellipses, lines, and rectangles.
Public class PathSegment Represents a segment of a PathFigure object.
Public class PathSegmentCollection Represents a collection of PathSegment objects that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class Pen Describes how a shape is outlined.
Public class PixelFormatConverter Converts a PixelFormat to and from other data types.
Public class PixelFormats Represents the collection of supported pixel formats.
Public class PointCollection Represents a collection of Point values that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class PointCollectionConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a PointCollection.
Public class PointHitTestParameters Specifies a Point as the parameter to be used for hit testing of a visual object.
Public class PointHitTestResult Represents the results of a hit test that uses a Point as a hit test parameter.
Public class PolyBezierSegment Represents one or more cubic Bezier curves.
Public class PolyLineSegment Represents a set of line segments defined by a PointCollection with each Point specifying the end point of a line segment.
Public class PolyQuadraticBezierSegment Represents a set of quadratic Bezier segments.
Public class QuadraticBezierSegment Creates a quadratic Bezier curve between two points in a PathFigure.
Public class RadialGradientBrush Paints an area with a radial gradient. A focal point defines the beginning of the gradient, and a circle defines the end point of the gradient.
Public class RectangleGeometry Describes a two-dimensional rectangle.
Public class RenderCapability Enables WPF applications to query for the current rendering tier for their associated Dispatcher object and to register for notification of changes.
Public class RenderingEventArgs Required arguments for the Rendering event.
Public class RenderOptions Provides options for controlling the rendering behavior of objects.
Public class RequestCachePolicyConverter Parses a RequestCachePolicy.
Public class RotateTransform Rotates an object clockwise about a specified point in a 2-D x-y coordinate system.
Public class ScaleTransform Scales an object in the 2-D x-y coordinate system.
Public class SkewTransform Represents a 2-D skew.
Public class SolidColorBrush Paints an area with a solid color.
Public class StreamGeometry Defines a geometric shape, described using a StreamGeometryContext. This geometry is light-weight alternative to PathGeometry: it does not support data binding, animation, or modification.
Public class StreamGeometryContext Describes a geometry using drawing commands. This class is used with the StreamGeometry class to create a lightweight geometry that does not support data binding, animation, or modification.
Public class TextEffect Represents a text effect that can be applied to text objects.
Public class TextEffectCollection Provides collection support for a collection of TextEffect objects.
Public class TextOptions Defines a set of attached properties that affect the way text is displayed in an element.
Public class TileBrush Describes a way to paint a region by using one or more tiles.
Public class Transform Defines functionality that enables transformations in a 2-D plane. Transformations include rotation (RotateTransform), scale (ScaleTransform), skew (SkewTransform), and translation (TranslateTransform). This class hierarchy differs from the Matrix structure because it is a class and it supports animation and enumeration semantics.
Public class TransformCollection Represents a collection of Transform objects that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class TransformConverter Converts a Transform object to or from another object type.
Public class TransformGroup Represents a composite Transform composed of other Transform objects.
Public class TranslateTransform Translates (moves) an object in the 2-D x-y coordinate system.
Public class Typeface Represents a combination of FontFamily, FontWeight, FontStyle, and FontStretch.
Public class VectorCollection Represents an ordered collection of Vector values.
Public class VectorCollectionConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a VectorCollection.
Public class VideoDrawing Plays a media file. If the media is a video file, the VideoDrawing draws it to the specified rectangle.
Public class Visual Provides rendering support in WPF, which includes hit testing, coordinate transformation, and bounding box calculations.
Public class VisualBrush Paints an area with a Visual.
Public class VisualCollection Represents an ordered collection of Visual objects.
Public class VisualTarget Provides functionality for connecting one visual tree to another visual tree across thread boundaries.
Public class VisualTreeHelper Provides utility methods that perform common tasks involving nodes in a visual tree.

  Structure Description
Public structure Color Describes a color in terms of alpha, red, green, and blue channels.
Public structure DoubleCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Double items in a DoubleCollection.
Public structure DrawingCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Drawing items in a DrawingCollection.
Public structure GeneralTransformCollection.Enumerator Enumerates GeneralTransform items in a GeneralTransformCollection.
Public structure GeometryCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Geometry items in a GeometryCollection.
Public structure GradientStopCollection.Enumerator Enumerates GradientStop items in a GradientStopCollection.
Public structure Int32Collection.Enumerator Enumerates Int32 items in a Int32Collection.
Public structure Matrix Represents a 3x3 affine transformation matrix used for transformations in 2-D space.
Public structure PathFigureCollection.Enumerator Enumerates PathFigure items in a PathFigureCollection.
Public structure PathSegmentCollection.Enumerator Supports a simple iteration over a PathSegmentCollection.
Public structure PixelFormat Defines a pixel format for images and pixel-based surfaces.
Public structure PixelFormatChannelMask Defines the bit mask and shift for a specific pixel formats
Public structure PointCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Point items in a PointCollection.
Public structure TextEffectCollection.Enumerator Enumerates TextEffect items in a TextEffectCollection.
Public structure TransformCollection.Enumerator Supports a simple iteration over a TransformCollection.
Public structure VectorCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Vector items in a VectorCollection.
Public structure VisualCollection.Enumerator Enumerates Visual items in a VisualCollection.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate HitTestFilterCallback Represents the callback method that specifies parts of the visual tree to omit from hit test processing
Public delegate HitTestResultCallback Represents a callback that is used to customize hit testing. WPF invokes the HitTestResultCallback to report hit test intersections to the user.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AlignmentX Describes how content is positioned horizontally in a container.
Public enumeration AlignmentY Describes how content is positioned vertically in a container.
Public enumeration BitmapScalingMode Specifies which algorithm is used to scale bitmap images.
Public enumeration BrushMappingMode Specifies the coordinate system used by a Brush.
Public enumeration CachingHint Specifies whether to cache tiled brush objects.
Public enumeration ClearTypeHint An enumeration that specifies a hint to the rendering engine that text can be rendered with ClearType.
Public enumeration ColorInterpolationMode Determines how the colors in a gradient are interpolated.
Public enumeration EdgeMode Determines how the edges of non-text drawing primitives are rendered.
Public enumeration FillRule Specifies how the intersecting areas of PathFigure objects contained in a Geometry are combined to form the area of the Geometry.
Public enumeration FontEmbeddingRight Describes font embedding permissions specified in an OpenType font file.
Public enumeration GeometryCombineMode Specifies the different methods by which two geometries can be combined.
Public enumeration GradientSpreadMethod Specifies how to draw the gradient outside a gradient brush's gradient vector or space.
Public enumeration HitTestFilterBehavior Specifies the return behavior of a hit test in a hit test filter callback method.
Public enumeration HitTestResultBehavior Determines whether to continue the enumeration of any remaining visual objects during a hit test.
Public enumeration IntersectionDetail Provides information about the intersection between the geometries in the GeometryHitTestParameters and the visual which was hit.
Public enumeration NumberCultureSource Specifies how the culture for numbers in a text run is determined.
Public enumeration NumberSubstitutionMethod Defines an enumerator class that specifies the type of number substitution to perform on numbers in a text run.
Public enumeration PenLineCap Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.
Public enumeration PenLineJoin Describes the shape that joins two lines or segments.
Public enumeration Stretch Describes how content is resized to fill its allocated space.
Public enumeration StyleSimulations Defines an enumerator class that describes the simulation style of a font.
Public enumeration SweepDirection Defines the direction an elliptical arc is drawn.
Public enumeration TextFormattingMode Defines the formatting methods supported by the TextFormatter class.
Public enumeration TextHintingMode Defines the rendering behavior of static or animated text.
Public enumeration TextRenderingMode Defines the supported rendering modes for text.
Public enumeration TileMode Describes how a TileBrush paints tiles onto an output area.
Public enumeration ToleranceType Determines the means by which an error tolerance value is interpreted.
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